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Deconstruction of Mob Control

Nick has 9 years of experience in game development. He started as a game designer, ran the Fast Forward studio, and for the last two years has been working in the hypercasual industry as a producer, and also has experience with midcor projects for 5 years.

What is the Core Mechanic

  • Fake PVP (we play as if against a real player)
  • We play with a cannon that spawns mobs
  • Pressing the screen launches regular mobs
  • If we hold for a long time, we can launch a champion (strong unit)
  • There are gates on the map that increase the number of units
  • The goal is to defeat the opponent's castle by attacking with our own mobs
  • Defeat - enemy units can destroy you if they reach and attack you
  • Choice in the core - you need to move the cannon to withstand the enemies, clone the units correctly, and launch clones according to level design
Why should I play Core?

  • I earn soft currency
  • I earn castle pieces
  • I earn shields
  • I earn boosters
What is the Meta Mechanic
Important. There are no levels in the game. They are simply generated in some predetermined or random order.

Long-term goals are built solely through base development.


  • Upgraded using cards and soft currency
  • Mob upgrade - gives strength, health, and HP
  • Super mob upgrade - gives strength, health, and HP
  • Cannon upgrade - gives unit launch frequency

  • Upgraded by pouring base bricks
  • Your base can be attacked and part of the resources can be taken away
  • New units are unlocked through the base

  • Stars grow from the base level, which grows your ranking in the world
  • The rank depends on the league, but it does not give you any bonuses
Why should I play Meta?

  • Soft currency and cards are needed to strengthen units that help attack and defend your base. Without them, I lose bricks and cannot progress further through the levels.
  • Bricks are needed to increase the base level → unlock new units, grow in rank
  • Shields are needed to defend against attacks (and therefore keep the bricks earned)
The long-term goal for Core

  • There is no specific goal - there are no level ranks, and there is an element of mastering, but I wouldn't say that it's a goal.
The long-term goal for Meta

There are many

  • I want to unlock new units because they are interesting and look different
  • I want to upgrade all units to dominate players in the top positions
  • I want to upgrade the base to unlock new bases and new units - an element of discovery
  • I want to climb higher in the ranking to see myself at the top of the leagues
Briefly on in-app monetization

A few points

  • They sell ad disabling
  • They sell a special cannon (as a special offer)
  • They sell cards (as a special offer)
  • They sell skips
  • They sell coins
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