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Deconstruction of Merge Miners

Nick has 9 years of experience in game development. He started as a game designer, ran the Fast Forward studio, and for the last two years has been working in the hypercasual industry as a producer, and also has experience with midcor projects for 5 years.

What is the core mechanic

  • Buy shovels with soft currency
  • Shovels can be merged - they become stronger
  • Throw them onto the level, and get rewards for breaking blocks:
    • soft currency
    • additional shovels for this run
    • gifts
  • If you complete the level goal (reach the end) - you complete the level
    • you get soft currency, shovels, and gifts as a reward
  • If you don't complete the goal, you start over, but:
    • blocks are restored
    • shovels are restored
    • gifts disappear (they are disposable)
Why should I play Core?

  • I get soft currency and gifts with shovels
  • The more soft currency I have, the more shovels I can buy on the level. Gifts help to merge shovels right away, not from the first level
Why should I play Meta?

  • Some levels drop gifts with cool shovels. This helps me in Core
  • There are no conflicts or leveling up here
Core Long-Term Goal

  • Merge shovels up to the maximum level
Meta Long-Term Goal

  • Complete all levels on the map
  • Build all islands
Briefly about in-app monetization

There is only a store with bundles and disabling ads in the game.
What about grinding?
The grind starts from level 15. I have to replay levels several times and start thinking about where to put the shovels to get the maximum profit from the level.
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