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Deconstruction of Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space
The farm shows worker cannibalism instead of harvesting trees and vegetables

Nick has 9 years of experience in game development. He started as a game designer, ran the Fast Forward studio, and for the last two years has been working in the hypercasual industry as a producer, and also has experience with midcor projects for 5 years.

What is the core mechanic?

  • You play as an alien tentacle that devours humans (workers of a secret station)
  • There is a circle around the character, and when an enemy enters the circle, you begin to drain life from the enemy
  • Once life reaches 0%, the enemy "enters" your storage
  • In the middle of the map is a point of exchange for enemies for meat. Meat is the main resource in the game (soft currency)
  • During the game, you upgrade the parameters of the alien and encounter stronger enemies

Why should I play Core?

  • Core allows the player to find a lot of meat, which strengthens the alien
  • Devouring characters also gives the player experience points → account level
  • Account level unlocks new "land rooms" with new features

Why should I play Meta?

There is no specific meta — you play the Core cycle according to the rules described above.

The main motivation is to open new content (new rooms) as in any farm.

Below, I will describe the goals when reaching new content

  • I need to upgrade the parameters of the alien to eat people faster
  • People must become fatter and faster with each new level. This motivates me to upgrade certain parameters of the alien
  • Experience points are given for each eaten person, so it is still profitable for me to eat small people, as I am leveling up
  • There are several buildings on the map (will be described below). Each building has its mechanic, creating a choice for me — but in the end, my motivation is to efficiently upgrade the character to reach the next level

I will add this since it is an economic game

  • Soft currency 1 - meat
  • Soft currency 2 - stones
  • Soft currency 3 - keys
  • Hard currency - crystals (can buy any resource in the game)

Core long-term goal

  • Maximize the upgrade of the character and his assistants
Meta long-term goal

  • Complete all quests
  • Give eggs to the captain
  • Open all locations
Briefly about in-app monetization


The player cannot systematically receive hard currency. It is issued very rarely and in portions.

This is because the hard currency is a replacement for any resource in the game.

Soft currency (types 1, 2, 3) can be farmed using rewards and hards.

Hards and skips.

For hards, you can take reinforcement and soft. For $, you can take hards and skips.

There is also a subscription.
What about the grind?
The grind appeared in the second location. And, to be honest, I got lost because I did not understand what I needed to do.

An important mechanic is that experience points are given about the same for each unit, creating several game strategies - catching fat ones that are advantageous in terms of meat (earning less experience), or catching small ones, but earning more experience per minute.

Opening the second location was pleasant for me - new location, new mechanics, and quests. I expect grind.


Since I did not understand what I was missing, I did not understand where to pay.

For example, when grinding begins in the same mob control, I understand that my characters are weaker → I need to upgrade or buy new ones.

There is no such thing here.

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