The Marketing Metrics Guide
What is CPI, CTR, CPC, IR, CPM, IPM and why do we need them
The whole bunch of these terms might be confusing, but there is nothing to worry about, we'll deal with them now.

CPI is the king. It means how much does it cost you to acquire a new user - Cost Per Install.

Other metrics are what CPI consists of and hides behind one number.

Up till the game is installed there are some actions the player has to perform:

  1. See an Ad. This is called Impression
  2. Click an ad
  3. Press Install on the store page
Percentage of users that have Clicked an add after Impression is called Click Through Rate, or just CTR.

From Clicks to Installs ratio is called Install Rate, or IR

Install to Impression rate is also a measurable metric and is usually very small to operate easily, this is why it is most of the time multiplied by 1000 and called Install per Mille, or IPM. Basically IPM is Installs/Impressions*1000
Now the Cost kicks in:

You usually get thousands of impressions using mobile advertisements, so the Ad Networks bill for Cost Per Mille (1000), or CPM

CPM * CTR will give you its Cost Per Click, or CPC

CPC* IR will give you its Cost Per Install, which is the king, as you remember ????
All of these might be tricky for a new developer on the market, this is why we at help them understand and dig into it faster. Understanding how things work allows developers to hack their way to their first and further hits faster.

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